How To Peacefully Get Along With Your In-Laws

This is a touchy subject for all parties concerned. Typically, mother-in-laws can be a little tough to deal with mostly because they want to continue being the center of attention to their son, and now they know they won't be. There are mother-in-laws that are easy going, sweet and good natured. There are also ones that are definitely not.

Most people will tell you that the dads are not a big deal to get along with because they don't usually get involved in all kinds of drama. For the moms, that's another story.
Mother-in-laws are also used to running the show as far as their families go and now they may not be able to because the stage must now officially be shared.

Some tips on how to keep the peace might include:
Ignore as much as you can and try your best to not even hear it. If you ignore the drama, some of it will stop. Do not tell her too much, most times it will all get turned against you. Rarely, can a mother-in-law that meddles in your life and pushes her opinions on you, will this person become any kind of friend to you. Do not block her out completely because you will only upset your husband by doing so and it's really not a good way to go. If you prefer not to be around her so much and you have children, arrange for her to take them places or spend time with them. This will satisfy her grandma needs and give the illusion that you are around her more than you really are, so points for you.

Don't leave anything personal out on a desk or counter when she is due to visit. Besides, it's not really her business anyway. If every Christmas she has always made her special ham, let her! Who really cares anyway and it will serve as another way to keep her quiet, which is less for you to do. Don't argue or correct your husband in front of her, she will attack. Never tell her what anything costs and always, always, always tell her whatever it was, that it was on sale. If you end up having to lie to her about something, clue your husband in so he doesn't mess it all up and say the wrong thing to her. If she really wears you down, you can always tell her that it's looking like it will be you that takes care of her should she take very ill, so does she really want to fight with you or not get along with you knowing this?

Certainly it's not right to lie to anyone. That said, do you want peace or some award for honesty? You most likely want peace like most people. Another great way to go is to as often as you can, have your mom around at events at your home. It's just like hiring a security guard but you don't have to pay for him. Good luck and you will learn quickly how to either get along with the in-laws or how not to get along with them. Try to get along with them as a gift to your husband, it's the best way to go.

Source by Jesus Smith