How Does Money Destroy a Marriage?

Money may not exactly guarantee happiness, but it certainly can destroy a marriage if it is hard to come by. When you lack financial means to live your life the way you wish to, it can be very difficult emotionally and take a toll on any marriage. How does money destroy a marriage?

To begin, even the best marriages that have been lasting for years can fail due to a change in finances or a lack of funds. The economy can be very unpredictable and what a family could live off of years ago is simply not enough currently. This excess strain on always trying to stay out of debt and to maintain some form of savings for the future or in the event of an emergency is what pushes couples to argue and stress to take over their relationships. This is a sad truth for thousands of couples that have recently suffered a loss of their job or simply did not budget properly for the recent changes in the economy. While some have already headed for divorce, you may be one of these struggling couples trying to salvage your marriage during these financially draining times and thankfully, there is hope for you both to make it.

Anytime you are faced with a month or even a year of financial problems, you need to step back and look at the situation realistically. It does nothing for either you or your spouse to place blame on one another or to fight and cause tension for yourselves and your children over things that simply cannot be taken back. When you are faced with debt you must begin to make sensible changes to repair the issue and keep in mind that your marriage was not the cause of your financial stress, it was the outside circumstances. Sit down with your spouse and make a list of all of your current bills, and what debt you may have that needs attention. Create a similar list of income, money that your household receives currently and money that can be obtained through other methods. Perhaps one or both of you may need to find different employment or even a second part time job locally to get you out of this mess. Keep a positive attitude and remember that you can always make more money, it simply requires determination and the willingness to succeed together. Make a pact as a family to not spend any money on useless items and services that are not necessities. This may equate to eating more meals at home for awhile and packing lunches for work or school. Small changes can mean a world of difference in a financially struggling home and many cases the couples also seek some form of counseling as well. Voice any concerns to each other and keep as much of the current situation out of discussions where the children are present as that can lead to them suffering from stress also. Create a plan and follow through with it and realize that you both are in this together and not against each other to make your marriage and your family stronger.

Source by Jesus Smith