Ebike Bike Racks

When people say bike rack, they may be talking about one of two things. There are bike racks to put your bike on your car in order to transport it over long distances, and there are bike racks to put your stuff on your bike, in order to transport it shorter (or not so short) distances. Both options are good things to have for any dedicated biker.

You can put an ebike on just about any old car mounted bike rack for easy transportation if it holds the entire bike at the same time. Racks that require you to remove one or both wheels usually will not work (depending on the model of ebike you happen to have) as part of the drive mechanism for the motor is often in one or both wheels and you really do not want to go messing around with that. Sometimes it is not a problem, but if you are not sure it is better not to try it. To be on the safe side, your best bet when looking into car mounted bike racks is to choose one that lets you put the entire ebike on it without taking anything apart. These are more convenient anyway as when you get to your destination, you can simply unhook the bicycle and go, without having to put anything back together first.

Car mounted bike racks generally come in two varieties: trunk or rear mounted bike racks or roof mounted bike racks. Your best bet will probably be the trunk or rear mounted bike racks (depending on whether you have a trunk or a lift gate) as these will let you get that whole bike on without removing anything. Roof mounted bike racks do come for whole bikes but these can be interesting when going under low overpasses or garages. All in all though, if you are looking to transport your trusty ebike over a long distance and by transport you do not mean ride, a bike rack on your car is an absolute must.

As for the second kind of bike racks, the put your stuff on your bike type, there are many options to choose from, and most of them work as well with an ebike as they do with a traditional bicycle. Many bikes, including ebikes do come with either front or rear bike racks already attached, but as for those that do not, you can buy a rack cheaply and easily in almost any bike store or over the internet. A bike rack is a flat platform that you can attach baskets to or use to hold things in place. They can be used with zip ties, bungee cords or rope if you are adventurous and paid attention in scouts. You can also attach panniers to the sides of a bike rack, and hold even more stuff. Bike racks are a must for grocery shopping on your ebike, and with panniers or folding baskets you can even take heavy stuff along on your trip without fear of it falling off.

Source by Daniel Bing